Community Clouds

Community Clouds are benches that broadcast Wi-Fi for a geo-specific virtual platform that the community can use to share music, poetry, art and all other forms of self expression.  Each Community Cloud has a Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi Module, and batteries inserted into custom-made seating.  Once connected to Wi-Fi, the user is routed only to the Community Cloud virtual platform, where the user can upload content.  Content can only be uploaded through the Community Cloud in the space, but can be viewed by anyone.

Community Clouds aim to foster community by creating a virtual platform in physical spaces for young people to have their voices be heard, hear the voices from within their community, and to share these voices with individuals inside and outside Chicago.

Community Clouds are funded through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Idea Generation Grant in collaboration with Taylor Cleveland, Tristan Espinoza, and Majenta Strongheart.