Launching in March 2018. is a web application using computer vision as a way to interact with the Museum of Contemporary Photography'a collection on individual terms.  Since 2012, the collection has been sorted into user-generated hashtags to provide students from all over Chicago better access to the online database - our goal is to expand on this platform by developing a visual tagging system.

With our application, users can upload a photo to be analyzed by google vision and return a relevant photo (based on the user-generated hashtags) from the MoCP database.  The user will then be prompted to re-tag the photograph and to see other photographs tagged similarly.  Additionally, the user can submit the pairing of their user-uploaded photograph and the collection photograph  to be exhibited at the museum, providing greater access to not only the virtual collection, but to the physical one as well.

Created in collaboration with
Lane Anderson,
Michael Doherty,
& Dennis Hodges