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Gary Redevelopment Initiative invited us in to design a park for senior citizens in Gary, Indiana.   

Gary’s Seniors Park accommodates the community’s needs through ongoing conversation and makes use of local resources. The Input from the people of Gary and the available local materials are the framework of our design.

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To design a park for senior citizens from Genesis Towers Senior Housing, we partnered with 6th grade students from the 21st Century Charter School across the street.  

The design requirements were collected from the future users of the park in interviews conducted by 21st Century Charter School students. Through these interactions, we have learned that the residents would like to have a safe, accessible, well maintained and shaded park. The residents specified their needs and expressed their hope that the park will celebrate Gary, by being a lively meeting place that will bring the people of Gary together. 


The input from the people of Gary was our guideline when designing the park layout, furniture and lighting design. We held two collaborative workshops, where teams of students from Gary and from SAIC, created 10 proposed prototypes for light activation of the park and its furniture.

We concluded the prototyping workshops with the student teams in Genesis Towers, where the students introduced their prototypes to the local residents, as well as the mayor of Gary, and were able to receive feedback for their designs.

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The proposal for the layout of the park will be finalized in Spring 2018, for a completion in Summer 2018.